Data & Code

As a self-taught R user, I am deeply indebted to the R community for making code samples and interesting datasets publicly available. In order to pay it forward, I use this page to (1) provide the data/code behind my content1 and (2) list some incredible resources that I frequently use.

I hope all the below helps you to build/write/create stuff! Remember that with coding, practice makes perf… better.

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(1) Resources from me to you

In general, my project materials are available as Github repos. My R notebooks are also published via my RPubs page.2




Academic CV

(2) Resources from others to you

Finding fun datasets

Data visualization methods

R tips and content

Data science for economists (lots of R!)

R blogdown websites

Using version control

Organizing R projects

  1. Please don’t judge 2015-me too much.
  2. While my Github repos will include the .Rmd files for R notebooks, I also share notebooks as published through RPubs since they are easier to read in that format. Example: here is a Rmd file on Github, here is the same notebook on RPubs.