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A guide to making high-resolution, publication-worthy figures for your thesis and/or dissertation chapters and/or general science-ing in R.


A guide to getting up and running with blogdown, GitHub, and Netlify



I have taught the following courses at Boston University (Boston, MA):

  • BS730 Introduction to R: Software for Statistical Computing
  • BI302 Vertebrate Zoology
  • BI107 Ecology and Evolution

I have taught the following courses at Williams College (Williamstown, MA):

  • ENVI102 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • BIOL203 Ecology
  • MATH103 Calculus

Additional Teaching Experience:

  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Gamboa, Panama): Workshop on Statistical Computing Using R
  • Greylock Elementary School (North Adams, MA): Science for 5th graders
  • TERC (Cambridge, MA): climate change curriculum development for high schoolers
  • Murphy K-8 School (Dorchester, MA): Science for 7th graders
  • Boston University (Boston, MA): BIOBUGS program for high schoolers


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