Drawing & Design Portfolio


I’ve recently started as a freelance graphic designer for RStudio illustrating some Hex stickers for new and exciting packages!

{finetune} lets you tune models using racing methods (fewer model fits) or via simulated annealing. The first design shown here is the one we ended up choosing, but I also am partial to the blueprint/gears idea.

When asked for racecars (because of the model racing function of the package), I always try to throw in some songbirds instead. Cardinals are one of my favorite creatures - I tend to call them pew pew pew birds because their calls/songs sound so much like video game noises to me.

{distill} supports clarity in machine learning and technical writing. This simple droplet gradient design is the one we finally settled on.

Getting there took a fair bit of back and forth. Here (left) are a few more beta designs that didn’t quite make the cut.

{stacks} is an R package for stacked ensemble modeling that aligns with the {tidymodels} ecosystem. The first is the final version, and the second was the alternative I gave (abandoned).

{themis} helps deal with unbalanced data. The name themis is that of the ancient Greek god who is typically depicted with a balance.

When my partner and I first got our pup Luna, we went on a little climbing trip to the New River Gorge in West Virginia. It was a beautiful few days alternating between sport and trad, and trying to keep Luna from chewing on copperheads. We quickly gave up on regulating cicada consumption - they were everywhere, massive, and apparently very tasty (or at least they made a fun buzzing sound when trapped in Luna’s chompers). A good majority of surrounding trees had obvious signs of damage where the cicadas created slits in the branches to lay their eggs. Upon closer inspection, they’re actually really beautiful. I drew these three cicadas while channeling van Gogh, but mostly while breaking in my new tablet.

I’ve finally started watching Avatar the Last Airbender, and I am 100% here for the fun fictional animals. Stay tuned for turtle ducks!

Lastly, here are a couple drawings of my study species! I drew these embryos (above right) for my dissertation talk, and these adults (above left) for a 6 minute talk I gave at this year’s Animal Behavior Society (virtual) Conference. Here’s a link to the entire ABS talk if you’d like to see more of my vector art OR if you want to learn about how red-eyed treefrog embryos sense predator vibrations and choose their own birthdays!